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Automated Billing Update
Send just one bill. Jimmy Brake Sep 30, 2008
Added another tool to generate one invoice for many bills.
Package Manager Upgrade - CC Other Employees
An option to automatically cc (carbon copy) other employees of a company. Sep 16, 2008
Allow other employees of your client to receive automated billing notifications.
Time Tracking, Time Billing, Reserved Time
A tool to track, reserve and make bills or invoices for time used by lawyers, consultants and other professionals. Jimmy Brake Jul 11, 2008
Easily track your time used while maintaining accuracy then turn that time used into an invoice or deduct from a previously purchased time.
Web, Contact, Shopping Cart and other Reports
How to use and what each report displays. Jimmy Brake Jun 11, 2008
Details about the many reports and reporting tools inside the DW Alliance CRM.
Online Document and Correspondence Archiving.
May 23, 2008
Proper document management is crucial for the success of any law firm.
Updated Contact Merge Tool
May 18, 2008

Automated De-Duplication Tool
How to clean you database of duplicate contacts / people. Merge contacts with the same name and other key data. Jimmy Brake May 17, 2008
We made a tool to merge contacts that are just duplicates, and is fully automated.
Demographics List View and Edit
Why risk marketing to old / out of date / stale company and contacts? May 14, 2008
Pro-actively update and or delete contacts in shared address book, in our Customer Relationship Manager/CRM or contact manager.
Using the Event Manager to Manage a Conference
Online Conference Management and Conference Registration Catherine Black May 04, 2008
How to setup online and off-line registration and conference management.
How to create a list of based on demographic information and export email addresses.
Feb 08, 2008
How to export email lists.
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