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How to manage the directory categories.
Jan 12, 2012

Updating the Contact Information Forms in the CRM and Customer Areas (store or event)
Mar 06, 2011
Flexible, really flexible forms but they do require an explanation so you can administer easily and effectively.
The Art of Leveraging Software to Make Money
Feb 15, 2011
You probably already know that DW offers unique solutions that can be customized to fit businesses needs. Did you know that there are integrated modules that help you generate revenue? One might ask, "Why do this?". We have seen that companies with diversified revenue streams are able to take the loss of a grant or donor in stride without too much trouble, a very different story when not prepared...
Multiple Currency Support
Oct 09, 2009
We upgraded all our systems to handle multiple currencies.
Global, World Wide, International Merchant Accounts
International Merchant Account Support Dec 21, 2008
An upgrade to handle the complex world of multi-national sales.
Complimentary Subscriptions Update
Automated HTML email sent to people using special discount codes. Oct 17, 2008
We made an update to complimentary subscriptions when created as part of a promotion.
Discount Report
Oct 13, 2008
A very basic report and who used a discount and which discount they used.
Automated Billing Update
Send just one bill. Jimmy Brake Sep 30, 2008
Added another tool to generate one invoice for many bills.
Package Manager Upgrade - CC Other Employees
An option to automatically cc (carbon copy) other employees of a company. Sep 16, 2008
Allow other employees of your client to receive automated billing notifications.
'System Emails' Upgrade
Customize Your Automated Emails With HTML Jimmy Brake Sep 16, 2008
We updated the system emails to have an optional HTML version of the email.
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