Issuing Event Registration Refunds
Mar 07, 2018



When customers require refunds for their payments, DW Event's online event management and registration system makes it easy with just a few clicks of your mouse. Our end-user account system enables you to log into a client's account and view their payment history, as well as make changes, additions, or cancellations as needed.


For refunds, the steps are as follows:

  1. login to your  CRM
  2. find the client's profile
  3. click 'View Order History'
  4. find the transaction you need to refund
  5. click the "Refund" link beside the payment
  6. complete the refund information -- the system will remove the client's registration from this event if you issue a full refund
  7. if necessary, you can re-register the end user using a different payment method from the same account management area.


#2: Order History (create a refund is at bottom below "Payment Date")



#3: Refund details window


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