Event Ticket Scheduling
Jul 05, 2011

The event ticket scheduling feature is used to show when a ticket should appear. This allows your early bird tickets to be shown and then not show automatically. Your regular price tickets to be shown and then hidden and lastly your onsite tickets to be shown and hidden. You configure the schedule fully in advance.


Example you want your registration site 'shown' but no regisration allowed. Then your early bird tickets are are shown generally up to a month or few weeks before the event. At the end of they early bird period your regular priced tickets and can be shown and then the day of the event your onsite tickets can be shown.


If you also leverage our 'ala carte' feature you can allow the onsite tickets to only select the classes they want. This allows you to maximize your general registration but also not to loose out on people who want to only take a few classes.


To use the scheduling feature:

  1. login to the CRM
  2. select manage from the event menu
  3. select schedule from the +options menu
  4. add or alter the schedule as needed using the form


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