Using HTML Templates
Aug 16, 2022

The template system allows you change the look and feel of your site by editing the HTML, CSS and Javascript. We keep the data in the DB such as event, contact or article data. 


The formating of the system is in the templates.  (it's a properly built Model View Controller system)


To access the templates.


1. login the CRM -- "you need to have template access"

2. on the front part of the website such as /event /news /store you can navigate to the page type you want to update

3. you will normally see two 'edit' links at the bottom of the page the first on is the 'body' of the page bottom one is the 'header and footer' of the all the pages in /event /news /store

4. you change the HTML you want to change (and only that) the test it by click cntrl+s

5. in another tab in your browser you can then view your change by refreshing the page

6. if you don't like the change click restore

7. if you do like the change click make live


If you want to put a tracking pixel / code in your site for facebook or google you will want to update the headers and footers for /event /store and /news. This will insure that each users usage of our system is properly recorded.

Also you can upload new images to the system using the 'other or admin' menu in the CRM -- upload images.


Here is short video on youtube on how to use our templating system.

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