Generate a Buzz Around Your Event With a Content-based Website
Mar 22, 2010

One of the best ways to generate interest in your event is to create a buzz around it. And one of the best ways to create a buzz is to develop and disseminate the ideas and people that are driving your event. DW Event is a system that is integrated with a variety of online applications, including a publishing tool that gives you the option to do just that.


While most event website focus on the basics—registration, ticketing, programming—the Internet is actually a great way to get extra mileage out of the concept behind your event. Whether you're planning your association's annual conference or an industry expo or an academic symposium, just looking over your program highlights and featured speakers should provoke a wealth of story ideas that can be turned into articles and news releases that you can unleash before and even after your event.

Post articles regularly

If you have an in-staff communications team or individual, take advantage of their skills and generate content on your event website. Each day you can release a new "tidbit" or bit of background info on your website in the form of short articles or news releases. These will also serve as useful material for media outreach. DW Alliance's Online Publishing tool is fully-integrated with our online registration and event management system; indexes content daily for better search-engine exposure on the Internet; and is as easy to use as blog software.


Feature your event's main draws

A content-driven event site will give you the opportunity to showcase your star speakers and headline session topics. Give readers and potential attendees extensive background information on interesting individuals, including interviews, photos and videos. Publish supplementary reading on interesting session topics so that people will come prepared to ask the right questions and participate. With sophisticated publishing software you can take advantage of reader's comments to shape presentations and generate a debate and buy-in around your key ideas beforehand.


A good reason to stay in constant touch with your outreach network

There are only so many variations on an event invitation that you can send before becoming repetitive, but publishing content gives you a different reason to appear in your network's email inboxes and RSS feeds on a regular basis. People tend to differentiate between purely promotional and "useful" information, and an email with interesting news headlines and/or background material will probably be read more closely than a simple "Save the Date" email. Send a weekly digest of useful data and facts with our email Broadcasting tool.


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